Is it possible to buy a single style of a typeface?
All typefaces are sold only as shown in the shop’s product details.

Do you offer larger licences than 5 workstations?
For larger licenses you can get in touch.

Are Typearture fonts available as webfonts?
Some typefaces (such as the Pegacorn Initials) won’t translate into webfonts well, so there is no webfont version for them. For webfont versions of other typefaces: Get in touch.

I can’t access all of the typeface’s characters or abilites
Some of the features of Typearture fonts are optimised for desktop publishing software. Accessing special characters or functions takes some extra steps in more basic software, you can find these steps in the manual accompanying the typeface.

I have technical issues with a typeface
Every machine or operating system is unique so it is possible an issue can occur. If you have a technical issue I’ll look into fixing them. If the issue can’t be solved, a refund is offered if you got in touch about the issue within 30 days of purchase.

Why are your fonts latin alphabet only?
Latin is the only script I fully grasp, so when you want to make combine a concept with script and shape, that’s where you start. I’d love to at expand my families though, Fabel in Cyrillic or Greek would be fascinating!.

Why do you make these kind of fonts?
I try to create typefaces that don’t exist, usually combining them with some amusement or hidden jokes. The (type) world is already serious enough!

What’s with the unicorns?
It all started with them: The Unicorn Typeface was the first typeface I approached in a different way: Can I make expression in text and image equal? You can still download them for free, but be careful, they aren’t optimised.

Are you really a conspiracy theorist?
Try the dingbats enough and I guess you’ll find out! But no: I used to be amused by them, until the whole world seemed to turn into a tinfoil hat party.