Image of the Pegacorn Initials font
Image of the Pegacorn Initials font

Pegacorn Initials


This set of highly detailed initials is based upon unicorns and Pegasus. Each character is drawn by hand, with careful attention to the details such as the lush manes and feathered wings. Inspiration is drawn from popular culture, myth and legend to transform each glyph to a fitting shape.

The initials are usable in two styles, line and filled, and consists of a full Latin alphabet with all basic diacritics, a punctuation and symbol set, tabular figures and 71 custom illustrations.

The Pegacorn Initials are designed for large sizes and display use. For the best result, use the initials in sizes of 48 points or above.

Product attributes


2 styles,
Line, Filled




Basic Latin


1-5 workstations, larger licenses on request.

This font includes multiple styles. For more information see the product attributes.
Pegacorn Initials