Magical Unicorn Pro: less design, more unicorns

Typearture has been at the forefront of unicorn font related developments since it’s founding: The original Unicorn typeface in 2012 preceded the unicorn emoji by some years while in 2017 the Pegacorn Initials introduced high-definition pegacorns to the world. And now, using cutting edge font technology, Typearture will once again make a leap into the future with Magical Unicorn Neue Pro, the world’s first variable color unicorn font.

Text set in Magical Unicorn Pro
Text set in Magical Unicorn Pro with Pegacorn Initial

The original Magical Unicorn typeface was inspired by (and made for) people with a healthy interest in unicorns and allowed the user to write texts, and at the same time convey their passion for unicorns. Next, following a long development, the Pegacorn Initials were introduced: These initials allowed texts to start with ornamental pegacorns, and offered many dingbats and illustrations to convey the history, myth and legend of both unicorn and Pegasus.

But with the release of the Pegacorn Initials, the original unicorn typeface started to show it’s age. It needed an upgrade, since it wasn’t as “Magical” as it once was. The character set had to be extended, as the list of supported languages was small, and it’s characters and spacing needed work.

Overview of Magical Unicorn Pro characteristics

Redrawing the Unicorns from scratch, glyphs were brought into balance, and proper spacing was implemented. Solutions were found for special characters and math symbols were given shape. Punctuation and the alphabet were split visually: Basing the A to Z on unicorns and the punctuation on a range of glitter, stars, rainbows and clouds.

Magical Unicorn Neue Pro’s broad character set allows more languages to convey the magic of unicorns as the typeface supports many mythical scripts. And with the development of extended Latin complete, the path is open for Unicorn Cyrillic, Unicorn Greek and Unicorn Hebrew in the future.

Magical Unicorn Pro image

Using New Font Technology called “Variable fonts” and “Color fonts”, the ‘sans’ and ‘serif’ versions of Magical Unicorn Neue Pro are merged: Introducing the unicorn with a variable horn. The length of a unicorn horn has been a point of discussion since ancient times: but now, with the aid of variable font technology, the user can finally set the unicorn horn at their own preferred length.

Magical Unicorn Neue Pro gives birth to a new standard of unicorn typefaces: All-usable, all-encompassing and variable when it matters most.

Image of Magical Unicorn Pro punctuation

And best of all
it’s totally free!