Computer illustration printing dingbat conspiracies

Meet the Disclosure Dingbats
What if a typeface could tell you something, warping your words into a different message while you are typing? The Disclosure Dingbats build upon the infamous Wingdings prophecies as a “what if typeface”: A typeface that can change what you type, perhaps telling you a lie, or perhaps the truth.

But next to this the Disclosure Dingbats is also an extremely usable dingbat font! Usable in two different styles and containing over 600 characters that cover varied subjects.

Dingbat icon of alien visitors conspiracy
Dingbat icon of RFID chip conspiracy

Usable everyday!
Disclosure Dingbats consist of icons from a large diversity of subjects: From basic typographic icons like arrows, pointing hands, flags and clocks to more special ones such as planets, portraits and wonders of the world. Stonehenge, Saturn, the White House and small reptilian hands: The Disclosure Dingbats offer everyday usability with many options!

Dingbat icon of moon landing conspiracy
Dingbat Icon of UFO landing conspiracy

Characterful styles
Each Disclosure Dingbats icon comes in two different styles: “Icon” for accompanying smallers texts and “Illustrative” for larger use. Both styles have their own unique visual style, and are not simply scaled up or down. The attention to detail in both styles makes it easy to let the dingbats fit your design, wether you use them stand-alone or together with text.

Dingbat icon of chemtrail conspiracy
Dingbat showing the chemtrail conspiracy

Is the truth is out there?
But underneath all styles and icons, there is more: Popular and lesser known conspiracy theories, prophecies and visions are revealed through typing. The dingbats react to places, names, places and dates, showing the stories related to the keywords. The full width of conspiracies is hidden within, ranging from the monster of Loch Ness to the secret of the Grassy Knoll.

Dingbat icon of Reptilian conspiracy
Dingbat icons of Big Oil conspiracy

Hidden potentials
With over 2500 programmed target words and a set of 666 characters, the Disclosure Dingbats reach as far as the Moon and back into hollow Earth. Each target word and visual representation is carefully chosen for it’s irrelevance and relevance, it’s ability to be mocked or to be questioned. All for the user to explore!

Dingbat icon of banking conspiracy
Dingbat showing various Martian conspiracies

Disclosure in sight!
With the two styles combined into a total of 1332 characters, the Disclosure Dingbats can fit any design you want, enriching your work with detailed illustrations or bold icons. Together with the easily typed characters and encoded words, full disclosure is now closer than ever before!

Dingbat icon of vaccine conspiracy
Dingbat illustration of sunken ship conspiracy

2 styles, 666 characters,
2500 encoded words