Dingbat icon of Billy Shears

Secrets, more detailed than before!
The Moon Landing, Chemtrails, secret societies and Flat Earth believers: The Disclosure Dingbats are filled with a wide range of conspiracy theories, all rendered in high detail and with their own personality. The clouds of chemtrails look fluffy, the Reptilians scaly and the All-Seeing Eye dares you to blink.

Dingbat icon of hands
Dingbat icon of sheeple conspiracy

Digital value
According to some money runs the world, so like a true conspiracy the dingbats include plenty of it. Icons for stacks of gold bars, diamonds and bags of money are easily combined with illustrations of top hats and crowns. Of course the dingbats also include icons fitting those with a smaller net worth.

Dingbat icon of planets
Dingbat icon of mystical Stonehenge
Dingbat icon of devices
Dingbat icon of conspiracy illustration
Dingbat icon of Stationary

The universe in a font file!
The dingbats go beyond Earth, visiting Mars, Saturn and extraterrestrial races such as the good old Greys, Reptilians and abducted celebrities. However they also turn towards Earth, exploring the hollow and flat Earth, visiting it’s inhabitants (also Reptilians) and old acquaintances.

Dingbat icon of radio wave mind control
Dingbat icon of clocks

2 styles, 666 characters,
2500 encoded words

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