Animal letters living in the arctic circle

Living in the Arctic
Seal (S & s), Blue Whale (—), Sperm Whale (–), Narwhal (|), Seal and Zander (ß), Arctic Fox (å), Blue Shark (§) and Northern Right Whale (5)

Animal letters living on the beach

Living on the beach
Crab (C & c), Iguana (I & i), Wentletrap (¶), Murex (·), Snake ({), Northern Sportive Lemur (4) and Seashells (:)

Animal letters swimming in the ocean

Living in the deeps
Ray (R), Dugong (D), Jellyfish (J & j), Quillfish (Q), Loch Ness monster (?), Leatherback Sea Turtle (7), Basilosaurus (5), Helicoprion (8), Koi carp (¥) and Pufferfish (•)

Animal letters shaped like jungle animals

Living in the rainforest
Anteater (a), Tapir (t), Platypus (p), Uakari (u), Zander (z), Western Lowland Gorilla (6), Chinese Giant Salamander (9), and Coelacanth (!)

Animal letters of amphibian creatures

Living in the river
Otter (O & o), Newt (N & n), Quillfish (q), Rat (¢) and Zander (Z)

Animal letters shaped as farm animals

Living at the farm
Horse (H & h), Miss Missy (€), Fusaichi Pegasus ($), Chicken & egg (∞) and Bresse chicken (»)

Animal letters living on the savanna

Living in the Savanna
Vulture (V & v), Elephant (E & e), Giraffe (G), Siberian Tiger (8) and Javan Rhinoceros (3)

Animal letters shaped like birds

Flying through the skies
Kingfisher (K & k), Xenops (X & x), Kolibri (<), Quetzalcoatlus (>) and Dragonfly (‘)

Animal letters shaped as insects

Living between the flowers
Mantis (M & m), Butterfly (B & b), Dragonfly (‘) and Stick insect (-)

Animal letters in a mountainous area

Living in the Tundra
Yak (Y & y), Wolf (W), Reindeer (ø), Reindeers (Æ) and Smilodon (2)

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