The Pegacorn Initials by Typearture

The Pegacorn Initials
Tapping into the fabulous powers of Pegasus and unicorns, the Pegacorn Initials finally allow the alphabet to spread it’s wings! These Initials merge Pegasus, unicorn and their myth into one typeface, consisting of a full latin character set and over 100 additional illustrations.

Each pegacorn is rendered in high detail and drawn with care, from the tip of the horn to the far end of the tail. The lush manes, feathered wings and star-sparkling diacritics make these mythical beasts illuminate any text they accompany.

So scroll onward, and explore the abilities of this spectacular typographic workhorse!

A magical typeface
Going beyond the Latin alphabet, the Initials also include characters such as brackets, punctuation marks, numerals and a multitude of illustrative ornaments. Binding these characters together is the myth of Pegasus and the unicorn, inspired by art, literature and pop culture.

Imprison the Pegacorns by brackets inspired by the The Last Unicorn tale, or lull them into sleep by a fair maiden ampersand. Express doubt with a Narwhal question mark or search infinity with the Neverending Story’s Auryn. This inspiration from fairytale, legend and pop culture makes the Pegacorn Initials more than just a collection of characters.

Myth and legend
Explore the world of the Pegacorn Initials, and you will find ornaments from historical chivalry, Greek mythology and contemporary toys and film. Elements from Blade Runner join the game of chess, while Cerberus and harpies merge with the Pegacorn itself.

Type your own castle inspired by the Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries or create your own patterns using historical heraldic building blocks. Illustrate texts with toy unicorns and Pegasus or brighten up your designs using stars and diamonds. Typing with these initials is never a dull moment!

Magic. Within your grasp!
Let the Pegacorn Initials infuse your keyboard with their magic, and they make illustrating your designs easy! Access special characters through the supplied manual or lay-out software and discover a world of Pegacorns at your fingertips! Use the two styles, line and filled, on different backgrounds or layer them for an even more playful result. All easily accessible through two font files!

Let the Pegacorn Initials
make your text sparkle with
2 styles and 357 characters!