The Typearture Variable Color Initials

Variable color fonts bring the best of both worlds together: Variable Fonts and Color Fonts. So how can these fonts to enhance your typography? As I have described the illustrative possibilities and the workings behind variable color fonts in earlier showcases, now is the time to make them usable!

This A-Z will give you examples on what variable color fonts can do for your typography: To enhance your storytelling, emphasise subjects or brighten up your texts. As browsers are currently not optimised for large-scale variable color fonts use, previews are used on this page to showcase them. But if you wish to see live examples, they are only a click away!

Best viewed in… Safari, Firefox and Chrome! Thank you dev teams for fixing all the bugs!

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Feeling inspired?

With so many possibilities, the surface of what variable color fonts can do for the web has been hardly scratched, so now it’s time to experiment and push for browser optimisation! And experiments can lead to exciting results, as the Z initial was recently expanded in a full-fledged variable color font family at FutureFonts!

Any questions? Or interested in a variable color font workshop? Feel free to reach out by mail, or contact me on twitter.