A type of adventure

Typearture is a different type of foundry, creating fonts that merge concepts, culture, experiment and most importantly: a bit of humor through type design. In a world with so many geometric sans serif typefaces, there is surely room for adventure and fun!

A Typearture typeface tries to enrich the typographic world with a different take on what a typeface can or should be: The designs play with concepts, conventions of written language, and embed cultural references from Ancient Greece to the Noughties. The work of Typearture is a type of adventure, and explores all the possibilities that can be contained in a font-file.

The Typearture library

About Typearture

Typearture: Typefaces by Arthur Reinders Folmer, is his adventure in type, creating type designs with a focus on conceptual, illustrative and ornamental typefaces.

The typefaces in the Typearture library are not just collections of glyphs, but typefaces that use the conventions of type design and written language to tell their stories. These stories are woven throughout the typefaces, connecting A to Z and the Lemniscate to Question mark. Each character has it’s place and meaning, making each keystroke a small tale in itself.

Typearture also offers custom client type, for the possibilities of custom typefaces you can get in touch.